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What to Expect

Therapy is different for eveyone

If you have never been to therapy the first time can be filled with anxiety.  It is hard to talk about your concerns to someone you don’t know.  Most people I have met with will say at the end of their session how easy it was and it was not as bad as they have imagined.  They often leave feeling better about making the choice to attend therapy. 

People will come to therapy for many different reasons and each therapy session is developed to meet the specific needs of the individual, couple or family.  The number of therapy sessions a person attends depends on each persons individual needs.  Some people have very specific goals that can be met within a short amount of time.  Other people need longer term counseling to address more complex issues.  Most therapy sessions are an average of 50 minutes long.  I typically meet with people on a weekly basis but that is adaptable to meet the needs of the individual.  I often assign therapeutic work outside the therapy session.  I believe to be most effective in therapy a person must be an active participant both during and in between counseling sessions. 

The first therapy session is a complex session with reviewing and having a full understanding of the limitations of confidentiality.  It involves understanding the cost and responsibility of payment for each session.  Once a person has an understanding and is in agreement, the therapy session moves into discussing the concerns that you have in your life.  We will talk generally about your over health and everyday functioning.  Then we will talk more specifically about your concerns.  We talk about the impact your concerns have on your everyday life.  We talk about how you have managed these concerns in the past or how you are currently managing them.  At this time people usually have a sense of relief and begin to understand how sharing ones experiences and concerns can be healing.  Each therapy session will be different while working with the changes and challenges of your life.  The sessions that follow are designed with mutual agreement to meet the concerns in your life.  General or very specific goals will be developed to meet your needs. 

What are the limitations of confidentiality?

In general, communication between a counselor and a client is confidential.  Information is not disclosed unless the person gives written consent of the specific disclosure.  However, there are a number of exceptions to the general rule of confidentiality.  The exceptions are:

  • Suspected child abuse or elder abuse:  The therapist is required by law to report this inappropriate behavior to authorities immediately.
  • The intent to commit suicide:  The therapist is required by law to make every effort to insure the safety of the client.
  • Threatening serious bodily harm to another person/s:  The therapist is required by law to notify the police and inform the intended victim.  
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